Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Willett Distillery in Bardstown Kentucky - Est.1984

Willett Distillery is a rather new distillery registered in 1984. Their Pot Still Bourbon expression is exceptional. I like the bottle as it is in the shape of a Pot Still. I will say no more. Visit their website. The read is harrowing but interesting. Their Bourbon is not available in South Africa to my knowledge. I spotted a bottle with a label that read "Old Bardstown" and enquired. I was surprised to see a bottle of whiskey at a the blessing of the vines picnic let alone such an unknown. My Interest tweaked and my questions answered, I now share.

The following is an extract directly from The Willett Distillery website:

On December 16, 1972, Even G. Kulsveen married Martha Harriet Willett at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Bardstown, Kentucky.  On July 1, 1984, Even G. Kulsveen, son-in-law to Thompson Willett, purchased the property and formed Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd., registered distillery DSP-KY-78.  Even Kulsveen continues to operate at the facility to this day.  Even's son, Drew Kulsveen, joined his father in the beginning of 2004 and Even's daughter, Britt Kulsveen Chavanne, and her husband, Hunter Chavanne, joined the business towards the end of 2005.

Great efforts to restore the distillery, cistern room, ageing warehouses and many other aspects of the grounds have been ongoing for several years.  Mr. Dave Singer was very instrumental in seeing our dreams come to fruition.  Dave was a welder who did the lion's share of welding work at our family's distillery.  Unfortunately, Dave left us much too early when he passed away in December of 2010.  We remember him fondly and this never could have happened without his contributions.

Paul Culver, Jr., his father, Paul Culver, Sr. and Paul Jr.'s hard-working and dedicated crew joined us on July 19, 2010.  They have been indispensable team members with incredible knowledge and know-how on a wide array of things – ranging from construction projects to helping Drew and Terry put barrels into the rickhouses. 

The story continues on their website!

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