Thursday, 10 January 2013

Absolut Vodka Yes & Un-Aged Tennessee Rye Is Not A Whisky

So why am I covering vodka in a whiskey blog. Age Vodka in a cask for 2 years in America and 3 years in most other markets in the world and you legally have a grain whiskey.

Now ask yourself why Jack Daniels un-aged Rye may is commonly believed to be a whisky. It's because we assume a whisky brand, no matter the colour, makes whisky and therefor this is  whisky = NOT! It's really just a Vodka, that instead of using wheat, grape or potato, used rye cereal as the raw material. This is a contentious issue at present. Many drinks producers are currently bottling new make pot still spirit as well and referring to it as new make whisky.
I support whisky makers doing this but I will love to see them state which still was used to make the new spirit as this will have a marked impact on the final product.

Spot the Absolut bottle in this Vespa? This is one typical of the kind of creativity Absolut Vodka unleashes. Art and Absolut vodka are absolutely synonymous. 

The article on Absolut Vodka as departure from whisky, is forthcoming before the end of January 2013.

The above photograph is the property of Mark Backhouse. If you copy this photograph for any use, please note the origin and property owner.
I always enjoyed Absolut Vodka's advertising and the cult states it has enjoyed in many markets across the globe. Absolut Vodka is the leading premium vodka in the world selling just short of 11.5 million nine litre cases per annum.

Absolut Vodka created the premium Vodka category. Absolut have launched a new unbelievably premium Vodka I will also cover in the write up. Please comment if you want commentary on any specific questions you might have about Absolut Vodka.

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