Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Edrington Group

The Edrington Group is home to some very fine whiskies. Edrington owns some of Scotland’s fine malt whisky distilleries, including:

  • The Macallan,
  • Highland Park,
  • Glenrothes and
  • Glenturret, home of The Famous Grouse Experience

Famous Grouse have launched Black Grouse, Naked Grouse and Ginger Grouse.

They also own 50% of the North British grain distillery.

Highland Park recently launched the Highland Park Valhalla super premium expressions.
 Visit their website on: Edrington Group

I rate Highland Park as one the the top 10 Single Malt whiskies. It is a superb example of the great Speyside Single Malt whiskies. The various Highland Park expressions have received international recognition and awards.

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