Monday, 4 March 2013

Not Irish Whiskey if it is spelt whisky!

Jameson Irish whiskey is the leading Irish whiskey in the world and is the reason for Irish whiskey's continued international growth. 

The above picture does not feature a bottle of Jameson. It is a fact that Jameson is a  powerful brand that it often overpowers other brands. The picture below shows just how Jameson dominates.

Irish whiskey deserves to regain its position as a leading whiskey of the world. It is distilled three times and refined twice to ensure absolute purity and smoothness. We all know the crack the Scots make at the Irish expense: "the Irish distill it a third time because they couldn't get it right the second time"! Take a sip of any scotch (even a twelve year old Scotch) and then a sip of Jameson Irish whiskey and you will discover why the Irish distill once more and why the Scots are bitter.

It is a proud day finding a new Irish Whiskey website - featuring: Jameson, Powers, Bushmills, Paddy, Tullamore Dew, Connemara, Kilbeggan, Tyrconnell, Inishowen, Greenore, Redbreast, Midleton, Greenspot, Locke's, Clontarf, Knappogue Castle and Danny Boy.

Its a sad day that it isn't managed by the Irish. How do I know that it is not managed by the Irish - simple - an Irishman would have spelt whiskey correctly. I hope sanity prevails and the Irish take back this site. Especially as it is a 'dot org' web address.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Jameson Site and Online Shop

The Jameson Whiskey team have done us all a great favour. They have put together a spectacular website exhibiting the art, craft and range of Jameson Irish Whiskey expressions. Go to and discover the site for yourself. I love the simplicity of the layout and the easy to follow information provided.

The site covers: The Drinks, Trends, How It's Made, The People, John Jameson's Story, The Distillery Masters, The Cooper Master, The Whiskey Expressions, The Spirit we Share, Jameson First Shot with Kevin Spacey and the Shop where you may purchase a vast array of products.

I like the fact that I can purchase Jameson clothing, product and gift items online. My favourite thing about the Shop is that I can get my hands on expressions of Jameson previously available only when you purchase it at the distillery. I am just about to place my order for the Jameson genuine leather gents belt as well as my personalised bottle of Jameson Distillery Reserve.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Royal Salute - the pinnacle of Scotch whisky

Royal Salute is the most luxurious and sumptuous whisky range in the world. Royal Salute is the only whisky where the youngest expression starts as a 21 year old.

Royal Salute 21 year old is the original reference in the Royal Salute range - each ceramic flagon (bottle) is handcrafted over six days by master porcelain makers, crafted in red (rubies), green (emeralds) or blue (sapphires) to mirror the jewels in the Queen's crown. The flagon is adorned with the image of Robert The Bruce, Scotland's hero-warrior king. Each flagon is cloaked in a velvet, sporran like pouch, evoking Scottish heritage and association with royalty when unveiled.

The complete Royal Salute Range expressions include:

  • Royal Salute 21 year old mentioned above (porcelain flagon),
  • Royal Salute 21 year old Diamond Jubilee (includes a diamond),
  • Royal Salute 100 Cask contains whiskies ranging from 22 years old to 40 year old,
  • Royal Salute Stone of Destiny 38 year old
  • Royal Salute 62 where the youngest whiskies are 40 year old &
  • Royal Salute Tribute to Honour where the youngest whiskies are 45 year old -  presented in the opulently bejewelled bottle, dressed by Garrard in flawless diamonds and shimmering gold.
Royal Salute is the No. 1 luxury whisky in the world!

Royal Salute sometimes produce limited editions such as the Royal Salute 50 year old. The Royal Salute 50 year old label is crafted with hallmarked silver and 24 carrot. It is a serious collectors whisky today as only 220 bottles were released in the first year and sold for over five figures of US$ at the time.

Royal Salute was originally created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The luxury craftsmanship evident across all Royal Salute expressions is reinforced by the bespoke, hand-crafted bottle that has been created by the world-renowned Dartington Crystal for Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute. Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute is very limited and collectable.

There simply is no match for Royal Salute Blended Scotch whisky. If any whisky should be by appointment only, then Royal Salute deserves the claim. No other deserves this claim.