Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy Birthday Robert Burns - Born 25 January 1796

Scotland's favourite son, Robert Burns, was born on this day, 25 January, in 1796.

When Lincoln was asked to pen a toast to Robert Burn - it read as follows: "I cannot frame a toast to Burns. I can say nothing worthy of his generous heart and transcendent genius. Thinking of what he has said, I cannot say anything worth saying"

Lincoln's final reference to Burns happened on a boat sailing down the Potomac River in early April 1865: " . . .Burns never touched sentiment without carrying it to its ultimate expression and leaving nothing further to be said". 

Besides a loved son of Scotland, Burns became the 'peoples poet' of Russia. They even honoured him with a commemorative stamp in 1956. He is still well loved in Russia today.

Robert Burns dinners are being held in venues right across South Africa tonight. I shall have a dram in honour of a great man. Thirty Seven was much to young to pass but his legacy is forever.

Robert Burns died 21 July 1796. On this same day in 1990, Pink Floyds "The Wall" was performed where the Berlin Wall once stood. On this same day in 2005 we watch modern terror as four terrorist bombings target London's underground transportation system. On this day we rather honour the good in man.

Robbie Burns the Che of Yesterday

Robert Burns - "The Whiskey Notebook" honours your incredible genius and contribution to mankind. Your fellow Scottish brethren who have contributed to society so immensely are honoured with you today. James Watt for the steam engine, Alexander Graham  Bell for the telephone, John Loudon McAdam for better tarred roads, John Logie Beard for the Television, Alexander Fleming for Penicillin, Henry Faulds for fingerprinting, Robert Watson-Watt for Radar and the list goes on and on. We are, however, most pleased about the most important contribution the Scots have given to the world - this is without doubt Scotch Whisky! Cheers Robert Burns.

If you want to find out almost everything about the man, visit: You can even learn how to set up a Burns Supper on this site. 

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