Distillery & Tasting on key single malts featured so date:
  1. Strathisla Distillery and key single malts
  2. The Glenlivet Distillery and key single malts


The Strathisla distillery is the oldest continually distilling distillery in Scotland today with a continuous history starting without interruption since 1786, It is also famous for being the central single malt in the luxury blended Chivas Regal Scotch whisky expressions.

The Strathisla 12 year old single malt Scotch whisky

The Strathisla distillery, the most beautiful distillery in Scotland, is illustrated on the bottle and gift box. Strathisla 12 year old is a great looking bottle and an even better whisky.

Strathisla 12 year old single malt Scotch whisky

Strathisla Cask Strength single malt Scotch whisky
This Strathisla Cask Strength un-chill filtered is only available at the distillery


The Glenlivet is the first licensed distillery in Scotland. The date on each bottle of The Glenlivet is 1824 which is the year in which The Glenlivet became legal and not when The Glenlivet started distilling. King George IV ordered The Glenlivet in 1822 during his visit to the Edinburgh festival. The Glenlivet 12 year old is the largest selling 12 year old single malt whisky in the world today

The series of videos in this post covers the standard The Glenlivet expressions: 12 year old, 15 year old french oak finish, 16 year old Nadurra aged in bourbon cask, 18 year old aged in bourbon and sherry cask with the sherry cask dominating, 21 year old Archive to good to be true and finally the 25 year old.

The Glenlivet 12 year old
This is the worlds leading 12 year old single malt Scotch whiskey

The Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Oak Finish
The Glenlivet 15 year old is finish in French Oak Casks

The Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra
Nadurra in Gaelic means Natural that refers to the fact that The Glenlivet 16 year old Nadurra is Unchill Filtered and has not had any watyer added between cask and bottle - hence cask strength.

The Glenlivet 18 Year Old
This is a firm favourite with most people I know and is one of my absolute favourites.

The Glenlivet 21 Year Old Archive
The Archive has even more sherry cask finish than the 18 year old The Glenlivet and is higher on my preferance list for this reason.

The Glenlivet 25 Year Old
Again higher Sherry cask use but even older making this an incrdible smooth single malt Scotch whisky

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