Thursday, 24 January 2013

Redbreast Single Pot Still 15 year old Irish Whiskey

I made two great choices tonight. The second was to have a whiskey.

We made a very traditional South African meal and I chose Redbreast 15 year old Single Pot Still Irish whiskey to accompany the meal. Redbreast is non chill filtered; is Pure Pot Still whiskey; is unique to Ireland and is unbelievably smooth. And I mean, unbelievably smooth.

We all have some kind of  whiskey ritual. I drink my whiskey out of a tulip glass. I pour 40ml whiskey and add 15ml tepid water into the glass. No ice. I swirl the glass to mix the whiskey and water. I wait five minutes then take a sip. I was surprised at the coffee and creamy toffee taste on my palate. I read the tasting notes on the back label.

Nose: Full and Rich with s complex yet balanced mix of berry fruits and aromatic oils. Taste: Fully round and mellow with the succulence of fleshy fruit combined with spices and toasted wood. Finish: Long and sophisticated.

It must have been the toasted wood and spicy notes. I took another sip and tasted the coffee and toffee notes again. I'm happy. I love both.

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