This page is dedicated to the wonderful world of mixology. I am not a qualified barmen nor do I have the expertise that these gifted people have.
I have kept the 'Mixology' page separate from the 'Bar' page as this page will focus on all aspects of barmanship and the mixologists craft as well as the people in this industry - these people who add such incredible value to brand building.
We will request world renowned mixology geniuses like Nick Strangeway and Ben Reed to contribute to this page. I will interview some local South African Barman and feature their favourites.

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The Cocktail tale.
A cocktail is defined as an alcoholic drink that contains three or more ingredients and one must be spirit. 

The first publication of a bartenders guide was in 1862 - 'How To Mix Drinks' by Professor Jerry Thomas. Cocktails popularity declined over many years but in the 1980's interest increased on the back of one Vodka - Absolut Vodka inspired a return to cocktails and ignited a new way for all Vodka. Dynamic barmen from fashion bars in mainly New York and London were inspired by Absolut and began to 

Absolut Revolution

What the Bartender Saw

Today many cocktails include other types of spirits - not just Vodka. Jameson mixed well with many cocktails due to the smoothness of triple distillation and the lack of the overpowering smokey flavours often found in many Scotch whiskies.

Jameson Whiskey Sour

Jameson Horse's Neck

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