Friday, 18 January 2013

Health warning - fake Smirnoff Vodka found in Kwazulu Natal

Health warning after fake vodka found - Crime & Courts | IOL News |

The find of counterfeit Smirnoff Vodka in Kwazulu Natal is not the first and as stated in the linked article is a serious problem globally. The unfortunate result of those buying crazy bargain priced international brands, which logically cannot be the real thing, is often fatal. These counterfeit products copying real brands contain lethal additives and parts of alcohol removed in the distillation process making it safe to drink.

It is very unwise buying fake products. If you do not kill yourself, you may find that your optic nerve has been damaged and you ate blind for life or even worse that you become paralyzed for life.

Purchase from reputable suppliers. Check the bottle carefully. If you are in South Africa, note the supplier number that either starts with an A or a B followed by a number. Check the bottle for the imprint of the batch number which is the number stamped on the bottle by the supplier of that batch they has made so that they may check back if they receive complaints on their product.

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