• Whisky tastings include: Blended Scotch, Premium Scotch, Single Malt Scotch, Irish Pure Pot-still, Irish Single Malt, Irish Blended, American Bourbons.
  • Cognac tastings are conducted using the leading brands
  • Tequila tastings include: 'Mixto' Tequila tastings and 100% Agave Tequila.

  • R200.00 per person based on a minimum of 15 people attending the tasting.

  • We can accommodate tastings for 60 people maximum.

  1. Each person attending the tasting must be seated at a table with a flat surface area in front of them to accommodate a tasting mat and between 3 to 6 glasses depending on the tasting presented.
  2. The supply of 250ml still water and glassware is for own supply.
  3. Whiskies used in the tasting are charged at cost or for own supply.
  4. Travel and accommodation charges additional outside Cape Town & surrounds.
  5. Whisky dinners are conducted in conjunction with leading chefs and designed around specified requirements.