Friday, 25 January 2013

Drinks Apps

I have come across so many iPad applications and my personality gaurantees that I at least try out every last one I come across. Many are incredibly dissapointing, and more of these have been those I paid for. I list six Apps I like. Drinkspiration is vast.

1) Drinkspiration is the brainchild of the creative folk at Absolut Vodka. This is the best cocktail application available in my opinion. The best part is that it is free. Even better still is that Absolut consulted the best barmen in the world for this. Every conceivable cocktail using every type of spirt is on this App. The App is available for iPad, iPhone or Android. To download your version of this app click HERE. You will need to enter your age as the material is for those older than 18. There are 2 button at the bottom of the Drinkspiration App once loaded - collection and Drink Search. Click on the Drink Search button and simply scroll around. It's almost never-ending. Once you get into the Drink Search section, several new button appear at the bottom the screen which now allows you to search by taste, spirit, occasion, glass and skill level. I have started practising as a beginner on the skill level. I  enjoyed my French 95 cocktail earlier. It's made with 4 parts orange juice, 2 parts simple syrup, Champagne, 3 part Jameson (the recipe asked for bourbon and I am out) and 3 part lemon juice (I reduced the lemon to 2 parts).

The two whiskey Apps I really enjoy are 2) Chivas 18 and 3) The Glenlivet. The Chivas 18 App is not comprehensive but stylish. The Glenlivet App is both stylish, informative and entertaining. I absolutely love the The Glenlivet video you get to watch - very creative.

Beefeater Gin have put together four Apps that are fun and each very different. My favourite is the Classic Drinks App. The other three Beefeater Apps are : 4) Inspiration, 5) London Gins and 6) English Gin.

For those who may not know how to get these application  - click on the App Store icon on your iPad, then type the names as I have typed them into the search box at the top right of the screen. The App will come up - simply click the FREE button for each and the download will start.

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