Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Jameson Pure Pot Still 15 Year Old Limited Edition Millennium Release

1 January 2013 – by Mark Backhouse
(Bottle 11,506 Millennium release is 43% ABV (86 proof), 760ml, Batch number:  91745080 14 39)

This is the second in my series of obscure collectable whiskies.

In the year 1999, just before the start of the year 2000, I received a gift that I have cherished since. That was just over 12 years ago and I was not yet forty years old. That’s more than a decade ago. I am amazed how time flies. I said I would open the bottle to celebrate 2013, but for reasons of late, I have changed my mind. I will crack it on 9 February 2014. I want to celebrate life and share it with my soul mate, family and lifelong friends I cherish infinitely.
My bottle of this rare Jameson 15 year old pure pot still Limited Edition is number 11,506 of less than 35,000 bottles drawn from less than 200 casks. Some of the casks were sherry butts at 500 litres and some casks were bourbon barrels at 200 litres. After ageing for fifteen years almost 30% of the spirit in the casks evaporates; given up as the “angels share”.
I suggest that in the year 2019, Jameson Irish Whiskey release a second collector’s edition in exactly the same Limited Edition style but aged 20 years in celebration of the year 2020. I want bottle number 11,506 again. This time I want a second bottle to open and share on New Year’s Eve 2020.
Below is the write up included in the gift box.

Jameson Pure Pot Still Limited Edition Old Irish Whiskey
Jameson Limited Edition Pure Pot Still is a very special reserve of fewer than 200 exceptional casks selected in celebration of the Millennium.
To signify this rare and valuable whiskey, each bottle is individually numbered and has become a genuine collector’s item over time.
Tasting notes:
This pure pot still whiskey aged 15 years and over, possesses a taste which is full bodied and flavoursome but not overpowering.
Nose: Discover this complex nose, with mild sherry notes and background hints of toasted oak.
Taste:  The unique and intriguing taste is of lush fruits, herbal spice and sherry overtones that temper the robust, old pot still whiskey flavours, which is at the heart of the Jameson Limited Edition.
Finish: With a long and satisfying finish it has the mellow smoothness typical of the Jameson Brand.

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