Friday, 18 January 2013

History - A Short History of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

The Irish were first in just about everything to do with whiskey and most spirits for that matter. The Irish were 500 years ahead of the Scots when it comes to making whiskey. Later a travelling Irish exciseman, Mr Anneus Coffee, created and patented the column still to make grain spirit. In 1909, this grain spirit is officially recognised as whiskey after being aged in oak casks for 3 years. In 1789 Reverend Elijah Craig is the first to distil American bourbon whiskey.

The Grain still was also known as the Column still, Continues still and Patent still and this invention by our humble Mr Coffee is also father to all modern Vodka. So we need to be more grateful to the Irish than we ever knew.

In this video you will meet Barry Crocket from Middleton distillery and John Ryan a direct descendant of the Powers family, the makers of the famous and superb Powers Irish whiskey.

The video is 10:32 long and very worthwhile watching. Redbreast Pure Potstill Irish whiskey featured in this video is freely available in leading outlets across South Africa.

For those who have not seen Powers Irish whiskey in stores - look again. For my fellow South Africans I assure you it's in almost every bottle store worth its salt.

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