Monday, 28 January 2013

Corsair Distillery since 2010

Every day I read about some new whiskey expression that does not conform. There are  many new whiskey distillers thinking out of the box. They ignore boundaries. Minor 'entirely new' innovation is coming from the big players, but sadly mostly not. I suppose it is indicative of a large corporate to be more sure. It is their responsibility to shareholders and stakeholders alike to minimise risk. It takes young ambitious socials who embrace opportunities and work around the clock desperately make a success of their love and passion.

The above photo is directly from Corsair Distillery website and remain their sole property. Fair use is made to link directly to their website by clicking on the photo.

Corsair Distillery, known as Corsair Artisan, received their license to distill early 2010. They have recently launched a triple smoked bourbon to compete with any Islay Single Malt Whisky. I find it remarkable that it has taken so long for Bourbon to step up. They have already won many awards at International Spirit championships. Now to get me a bottle!

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