The Whisky Notebook was established in July 2008 to achieve the following objectives (We have been conducting tastings since 2002):
  1. To conduct the most professional, the most comprehensive, the most informative and the most entertaining whisky tasting in South Africa.
  2. To share knowledge on whisky (or whiskey) with all stakeholders.
  3. To educate and train bar staff on the true whisky serving etiquette and understading whiskies.

What can you expect from 'The Whisky Notebook' blog?
  1. A new 'post' every quarter.
  2. One new featured whisk(e)y every quarter.
  3. A bi-annual newsletter 'Sip and Savor'.
  4. Whisky and other industry tweets.
  5. Ongoing whisk(e)y and industry blog reviews.
  6. Networking with Friends of 'The Whisky Notebook'
  7. News and updates on tastings and events.