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Luxury Whisky
This is Mark Backhouse's other blog containing many premium whiskies and tasting notes.

Pernod Ricard
Co-leader in the Wines & Spirits sector worldwide, Pernod Ricard has established itself as number one in the Premium segment. It operates through 75 affiliates and has chosen to focus on sustainable growth through a large portfolio of international brands and a high-end strategy, known as Premiumisation. Join Pernod Ricard's Twitter Account here.

Bliss In A Barrel
2013 Mark Backhouse "Beankeeper Whiskey Notebook" Blog of the year

The Keepers of the Quaich
This link is to a landing page detailing the address and contact number for the Keepers of the Quaich. There are no further pages to navigate.

The Scotch Whisky Association
The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) promotes, protects and represents the interests of the whisky industry in Scotland and around the world.

Whisky Live Festival (worldwide therefore select South Africa under country selection)
The FNB Whisky Live Festival has grown into the largest whisky and lifestyle event of its kind, attracting more visitors and brands than any other whisky festival globally.

Just Drinks Twitter link here
The home of drinks information, insight and intelligence

South Africa's Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol use
The ARA’s mission is to reduce alcohol-related harm through combating the misuse and abuse of alcohol beverages and promoting only their responsible use.

Life Talk
Life Talk for Parents provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking look at the challenges and situations faced by today’s adolescents and parents – and it explores solutions and helpful areas to focus on. Some of the issues covered include: Teen drinking; Sexual activity; Drugs; Peer pressure; etc...

The Whisky Academy
The whisky academy offers some of the best whisky tastings and know-how in South Africa. The Whisky Academy has been established to achieve the following objectives:
  • To share information & knowledge about the whisky industry with members via a quarterly newsletter & training courses
  • To increase the knowledge of whisky amongst shop assistants & bartenders in the Southern African liquor industry
  • To provide tasting opportunities for members in a relaxed environment to increase their awareness & knowledge of the variety of whisky brands available
  • To explore new taste experiences by bringing rare & new whisky brands to the attention of members of the academy
  • To create opportunities for members to visit whisky-producing countries via promotional guided tours

A South African on line  retailer catering for whisky lovers who appreciate the convenience and variety that buying online can offer.

Distillique South Africa
"Distillique" is a forum for distillers and for those who want to become distillers. You can attend courses to become qualified as a distiller, or you may purchase your pot or column still from them or any other item you may need to start your own distillery and bottling plant.

Real Absinthe Blog
Alan is serious about Absinthe - you may call him a serious ambassador of the green fairy (See also Alan's suggested site on Absinthe under the General Information link below.)

Scotsman Whisky News
Welcome to Scotsman Whisky, the site for whisky drinkers, industry professionals and those keen to get their first taste of Scotland's national drink. With whisky writing from Scotland's top journalists, expert business coverage and up to the minute news, Scotsman Whisky offers an insight into the fascinating world of this historic spirit as it advances into the 21st century.

2. PODCASTS HD Whisky Podcast  - link to this Single Malt Podcast
The Glenlivet  - link to The Glenlivet Podcast
LCBO Whisky Cocktails: Video Podcast Series - link to Whisky Cocktails Podcast
Discover the art of Single Malt Scotch Whisky with anCnoc - AnCnoc Podcast
Whyte & MacKay Podcasts - link to Whyte & MacKay Podcast
Just for fun - The Beer and Whiskey Brothers - link to The Beer and Whiskey Brothers

Below are a few links to the more credible International spirit competition in the world.

San Francisco Spirits Competition (SFSC)
The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the first comprehensive, international spirits judging ever held in the United States on an annual basis.

International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSR) Twitter link here
The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) was founded in 1969 and is the premier competition of its kind in the world. Its aim is to promote the quality and excellence of the world's best wines, spirits and liqueurs.

International Spirits Challenge (ISC)
Now in its 15th year, the ISC leads the way in tasting and promoting outstanding quality spirits from around the world. Each year, spirits are tasted and rigorously judged by the industry's leading international spirits experts.

World Whiskies Awards (WWA)
First held in 2007, the World Whiskies Awards are Whisky Magazine's product awards, searching for the very best whiskies in the world.

Australian International Spirits and Whisky Competition (AISWC)
The AISC is the first comprehensive spirits and liqueurs competition to be held in Australia on an annual basis.

New York International Spirits Competition
NEW! New York International Spirits Competition.


There are many more links to choose from than these I include. I have used a 1 - 5 star rating system to indicate the quality of these site. A 5 Star PLUS site is exceptional - I have listed only one as a 5 Star PLUS.

Please right click each link and open in a new tab or a new window to avoid navigating away from this site.

All Things Whisky (Added Dec 2012)
A website on reviews news and chat around whisky

Aspiring Gentleman
This blog owes its humble beginnings to a general dissatisfaction with the mass-media directed at men. While modern media immerses us in the idea that consumption and efficiency is the solution to life’s problems and more, this blog will explore a return to traditional values - whisky cigars etcetera. 4 Stars

Bourbon Buzz
Bourbon Buzz is a new blog on the scene dedicated to bourbon whiskey. Bringing you all of the latest news and info about the bourbon whiskey. Featuring information about new products, bourbon distilleries, industry news, tastings, and events as well as new bourbon-inspired drink and food recipes. 5 Star

Caskstrength Blog (Added Dec 2012)
Cask Strength is owned by two expressive guys ably delivering great whisky articles, ratings, opinions and a great amount of amusement to the mix. 3 Star

Chuck Cowdery Blog, The (Added Dec 2012)
Chowdery covers American whiskies extensively & some other stuff. This is serious site with seriously great information written by a legend in the world of whiskies. 5 Star PLUS

Cocktail Enthusiast is maintained by a small group of journalists and drinks-industry professionals. The site was created in 2009 by Kevin Gray, a Dallas-based journalist and cocktail enthusiast. 4 Star

Dramming (Added Dec 2012)
This blog claims to 'dram' about everything Whisky. This is an enthusiasts blog and a very good one at that. Dramming is the relaunch of the Whisky Rating blog owned by Oliver Klimek. 2 Star

Edinburgh Whisky Blog
Edinburgh based full-time students and whisky enthusiasts worked as tour guides for the Scotch Whisky Experience. They ended up writing the best whisky blog on the planet. Or something like that… 1 Star

Glasgows Whisky (Added Dec 2012)
Mark Connelly from Glasgow, Scotland runs a whisky website calledWhisky Whisky Whisky, which is a popular forum. He is co-organising Glasgow’s Whisky Festival, which took place for the first time in November of 2010. To add to the list of things he also opened a specialist spirits store in Glasgow with two colleagues called The Good Spirits Co.  5 Star

Guid Scotch Drink
The Editor of this blog has been tasting whisky and leading whisky tastings for over 13 years. He also lead whisky tours of Scotland in search of guid Scotch Drink! 2 stars

Irish Whiskey Blog
It is what it says - a blog of general information about Irish whiskey and somethings Irish. 2 Stars

John Lamond
John is one of the world's leading authorities on Scotch whisky. He won the "Master of Malt" title in 1987. He has written various books and he is a Keeper of the Quiach. 5 Star

Liquorature (Added Dec 2012)
This is an awesome site with and awesome amount of real information. 5 Star PLUS

Malt Advocate
Malt Advocate magazine is America's leading whisky magazine. It's the number one source for whisky information, education and entertainment for whisky enthusiasts. 5 stars

Malt imposter, The (Added Dec 2012)
The Malt Imposter is the brain child of John, Stephen and Bill bringing you tasting notes on our favourite malts, ranging from low-brow to the ridiculous. Fun. 3 Star

Master of Malt Blog (Added Dec 2012)
Master of Malt is a blog run by a retailer who is extremely passionate about whisky in general. The site is well laid out and very comprehensive. Has a 'me too' feel about it but better. 3 Star

Malt Madness Official Website (Added Dec 2012)
There are three websites affiliated with the Original Malt Madness Website started in 1995; Malt Maniacs and Whisky Fun are accessible directly from this link and are both ad great as the mother site. I am amazed and amused by the Mad Fun Maniacs. Some People refer to themselves as members of this site and wear it as a badge of honour. Quite a honour for the site. 5 Star PLUS

Nonjatta Blog
This site is probably the most comprehensive source on Japanese single malts for English speakers. It is also independent. No one who writes for Nonjatta is employed by the Japanese distillers. 5 Stars Plus

Planet Whiskies
Scottish Single Malt Whisky, Scotch, Distilleries, American Bourbon, Japanese, Irish - another website covering all aspects of whisk(e)y. Includes ability to purchase product - not for RSA. 3 Stars

Scotch Malt Whisky
Another website covering all aspects of Scotch whisky and limited on other world whiskies. Includes ability to purchase product - not for RSA. 3 Stars

Scotch Whisky
The objective of is to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and “up to date” information regarding Scotch Whisky and the Scotch Whisky industry. 5 Stars

Scotland Whisky
The 'Scotland Whisky' site is dedicated to promoting Scotland and its national drink. If you are a Whisky enthusiast or just want to experience whisky on a trip to Scotland, this site will be invaluable. 5 Star

A very decent and thorough blog on whisky and other stuff. 4 Star
The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society
Whisky Blog with unique reviews and opinions on Scotch and Japanese Whisky, American Whiskey and Bourbon. 4 Star

The Malt Impostor Website (Added Dec 2012)
The Malt Impostor is the brain child of John, Stephen and Bill offering tasting notes for your favourite malts, ranging from the low-brow to the ridiculous. 3 Star

The Master Blender
Tales from the nose of Whyte & Mackay's Master Blender - Richard Paterson - including weekly podcasts - follow this link Pocast downloads 5 Star

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
A membership site. Enjoy exclusive access to the widest selection of single cask single malt whiskies anywhere in the world. I do not rate this site - it is a membership site.

The Scotch Noob (Added Dec 2012) TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD
Scotch talk for the new generation of Scotch drinkers written by a newbie. 3 Stars

The Whisky Exchange (Added Dec 2012)
A comprehensive international online liquor store

The Whisky Lounge
‘Eddie Ludlow's passion for and knowledge of malt whisky place him in an elite group ambassadors for Scotland's liquid gold.' Doug McIvor - Spirits Manager, Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd. 4 Star

The Whisky Pages is an online magazine dedicated to the enjoyment of whisky. You can become part of the community via the UK Whisky Forum. 5Star

UISGE! is putting together a collection of information about whisky - more than 100 distilleries, background to the history of whisky, tastingnotes and more. 1 Star

Whisky Advocate Blog (updated Dec 2012 - previously 'What Does John Know?)
What happens when you combine Malt Advocate Publisher John Hansell’s direct access to the whisky industry, his 25 years of whisky experience, and the internet? You get What Does John Know - now Whisky Advocate Blog?
John is a leading whisky expert in the US. He has been bestowed the prestigious honour of ' Keeper of the Quaich" by the Scotch whisky industry, and he also has been unducted into the Bourbon Hall of Fame by the bourbon industry. As soon as John finds out about a new whisky release, evaluates a new whiskey or hears breaking news, he posts his thoughts up on the Whisky Advocate Blog? 5 Star

Whiskybase (Added Dec 2012)
This  is a comprehensive site listing many whiskies and distilleries. I do NOT recommend you purchase their App from the iTunes store as it is very thin on information and quite useless. Their site more than makes up for this. 4 Star

Whisky Blender (Added Dec 2012) 
This is a very unique site that allows you to blend your own bottle of whisky and then set up your own label to bottle your very own unique whisky. 3 Star

Whisky Cast
WhiskyCast is mostly podcast running since November, 2005 as part of my Mark Gillespie's education in whisky. He has been a journalist for more years than he would like to admit and has worked in radio and television newsrooms all over the United States. Register at 3 Star

Whisky Connosr Website (Added Dec 2012)
This is a comprehensive website. Their blog is linked through this website and is just as impressive. I can almost say that this is the best site I refer with confidence. If you have the patience then visit their podcast page. I was not impressed that they only featured Black Bottle on their podcasts but then again - its sponsored by them. 5 Star PLUS

Whisky Distilleries Info
Detailed information on more than 120 Scottish distilleries, descriptions of over 600 bottles and tasting notes. Explaining the making process of whisky and the history of whisk(e)y in Scotland, US and Ireland. 4 Star

Whisky Emporium
Written by an eccentric Bavarian exile with more than 500 online reviews. You will find pairing with whisky & food and whisky & chocolate. A very personal, slightly blarney blog. 3 Star

Whisky For Everyone Blog
Whisky For Everyone includes regularly updated tasting notes and also offers basic making of and history of whisky - plus news about the drinks industry in general. 2 Star

Whisky Fun
Sister to Malt Madness & Malt Maniacs blog - an unpretentious site with regularly updated reviews. 1 Star

Whisky Intelligence attempts to gather information on the whisky industry and scotch whisky news in the form of press releases, newsletters, events, tasting notes and comments. Thety request you submit your press releases, newsletters, events, tasting notes or comments. 2 Star

Whisky Live
Whisky Live is the whisky tasting and sampling event of the year, taking place in the following cities every year: London, Paris, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sydney. Taipei, Glasgow, Moscow, Los Angelas, Barcelona, Toronto, Ft. Lauderdale, Leiden, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, New York, Belgium, Bordeaux and Madrid. 5 Star

Whisky Magazine
Published 8 times a year. Every issue brings you fascinating articles on the art, science and romance of the 'water of life', plus page after page of tasting notes. 5 Star

Whisky Max
Charles Maclean has been researching and writing books & articles about the subject since 1981, he shares his enthusiasm and knowledge by giving talks & tastings around the world and by presenting training programmes and Masterclasses for whisky companies, clubs and individual 5 Star PLUS

Whisky Notes
Well, it’s a blog… WhiskyNotes is a personal collection of impressions, written while searching for the ultimate single malt whisky. A work in progress, and an exercise for the senses. 1 Star

Whisky Portal
This site is dedicated to everyone - professional, connoisseur or amateur - interested in uisge beatha, also known as whisky, whiskey, bourbon and rye. includes links, forums and competitions. 1 Star

Whisky Party (Added Dec 2012)
The site is nothing about party but accumulates tasting notes on many whiskies tasted by the blogger and then some. 1 Star

Whisky Science (Added Dec 2012)
Bits of information about Scotch single malt whisky, its production, history and chemistry. This is a really great blog if you like the technical stuff & then some. 5 Star PLUS

Whisky Story Blog (Added Dec 2012)
I really like this very honest and informative blog. The articles are very well written and covers the subject matter without prejudice. 2 Star

Whisky Stuff (Added Dec 2012)
This is the famous Ralfy's blog. I love Ralfy's work and his blog but totally dislike his taste in whisky. The man is a misguided smoke head. If it ain't got smoke it broke. Ralfy's information is interesting but often inaccurate. 4 Star

Wikipedia's Whisky Page (Added Dec 2012)
The Wiki Whisky page is concise and matter of fact but a sound source of whisky information.

Words on Whisky (Added Dec 2012)
This a great whisky blog maintained perfectly by Patrick Leclezio. Patrick also manages the online liquor outlet called whiskydotcoza. Not rated as yet.

The list is not a complete list of all the players in the whisk(e)y industry - the list will be updated daily. See independent bottlers in next section below. (Section 6).

A Smith Bowman Distillery (American)
Aberfeldy (will transfer to Dewar's)
Alaska Distillery (Alaska)
Amrut Distilleries (India)
Angus Dundee Plc
Annandale Distillery (Scotland) [rebuild started 2007 - opening not yet confirmed]
Arran Distillery
AV Brennerei Distillery (Germany)
Balcones Distillery (America)
Beam Global (Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc)
Benriach Distillery
Buffalo Trace (American)
Burns Stewart Distillers
Bushmills (Irish)
Charbay Winery and Distillery (American)
Chivas Brothers
Clear Creek Distillery (American)
Clynelish Distillery
Clonakilty (Irish)
Concannon Vineyards (American) [In California USA but claim to make Irish Whiskey?]
Cooley Distillery twitter link here
Danny Boy Whiskey (Irish)
Dingle Distellery (Irish) brands out by 2016
E Snell
Famous Grouse
Feckin Whiskey (Irish)
Four Roses (American)
GlenDronach Distillery
Glen Elgin
Glenfarcles twitter link here
Glen Garioch
Glengyle Distillery
Glenrothes Twitter link here
Craft Distillers (America) [This distiller produces an American Single Malt Whisky]
Greenbar (American) [a new age organic distiller]
Greenore Whiskey (Irish)
Heaven Hill (American)
Highland Park
High West Distillery (American)
Indio Spirits (American) [visit their whisky webpage at Stampede Whisky]
Irish Distillers
Irish Mist (Irish)
Jack Daniels (American)
Jameson Whiskey (Irish)
Jim Beam (American) twitter link here
John L Sullivan Whiskey (Irish)
Johnnie Walker
Jura - Twitter link here
Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Distillery (American)
Kilbeggan Distillery (Irish)
Kilchoman Distillery
Knappogue Whiskey (Irish)
Laphroaig Single Malt
Loch Lomond Distillery
Lockes Distillery Museum
Malts - Diageo Malts only
McCormick Distilling (American)
Michael Collins Whiskey (Irish)
Morrison Bowmore
Nikka (Japanese)
Old Pulteney
Old Rip van Winkle Distillery (American)
Paddy Irish Whiskey (Irish)
Penderyn Distillery (Welsh)
Pernod Ricard South Africa
Pernod Ricard USA
Pernod Ricard International
Radico Khaitan Distillery (Indian)
Royal Lochnagar
Scapa Malt
Slane Castle Whiskey (Irish)
Slyrs Bavarian Malt (German)
Speyside Distillery
Springbank Distillers
St George's Distillery (English)
Stranahans (American)
Templeton Rye (American)
The Balvenie
The Edrington Group
The Glenlivet - Link to the Podcast Twitter link here
The Singleton of Dufftown
The Singleton of Glendullan
The UB Group (Indian)
Tullibardine Distillery
Tullamore Dew USA (Irish)
Wathens (American)
Wild Geese Collection, The (Irish)
Wild Turkey Bourbon (American)
Willet Distillery (American)
William Grant and Sons
Woodford Reserve (American)

Aberko Limited
A D Rattray [also Dewar Rattray]
NEW Annandale Distilllery (Scotland) [rebuild started 2007 - 1st still run TBC]
Wine & Whisky [The Queen of the Moorlands Whisky]
WM Cadenhead [also known as Cadenhead
NEW Wolfburn Distillery (Scotland) [opening 2013 - 1st release 2016]



Perfect Serve (South Africa National)
Perfect Serve (previously Bartenders Workshop) is an industry leader in bartender training, providing function bartending services and bar operation consultation. They have trained over 9 000 bartenders, handled thousands of events and functions, and have written SA's first ever cocktail guide.

Thirst Bar Services (South Africa National)
Superb bar training academy for aspiring young bartenders and cocktail menu design for bars & restaurants. THIRST has grown to be one of the biggest mobile cocktail bar services in the country, with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Bar Jockeys (South Africa Gauteng)
Bar Jockeys is a new dynamic premium mobile bar and bartender’s service. Also conduct barman training, cocktail menu design, Flair bartenders and mobile DJ's.
Shake and Serve (South Africa Western Cape)
A mobile bar service and a full range of staff for any event across the Western Cape. Supplies clients with exceptional staff, as well as a superior and trendy bar service. From expert barmen to barbacks, cocktails to mocktails, waitrons to wine stewards, etc.
Liquid Chefs (South Africa National)
Website under construction but contact details available

FLAIR Mobile bar and cocktail specialists (Gauteng based)
The Flair experience is a blend of mouth-watering cocktails, passionate bartenders, and stylish bars. The most recent point of expansion is the Interactive Experience with unparalleled technology and the ability to change the ambience instantaneously.

Molecular Bars
A mobile bar service. A fully comprehensive, bar eventing supplier providing all the elements necessary for the supply of drink at events. They also offer bar rentals, cocktail menu development and Bar & Coffee skills training.


South African Foodies
The team at South African Foodies have put their thinking caps on once again to come up with a list of almost everything you need in the hospitality industry.

Good Fellas is a members only chauffeur service providing a highly accessible alternative to driving under the influence of alcohol. You can now enjoy yourself more responsibly and with greater peace of mind because we get you home safely and without hassle in your own car.


An Absinthe Site
Oxygénée operates in the field of absinthe, rare and ancient spirits, and vintage wine. They have additional offices and subsidiary companies in both France and in Germany and are proud co-owners of the historic Distillerie Les Fils d'Emile Pernot distillery in Pontarlier, one of only two French absinthe distilleries surviving from the pre-ban era. They are proprietors of the Virtual Absinthe Museum, the centre for historical research on absinthe.

Jorgensens Distillery (South Africa)
Career farmer, winemaker and Savingnac Potstill Brandy creator, Roger Jorgensen, turned his hand to distillation in 1994 - his finely handcrafted spirits include: Jorgensen’s Distillery’s Savingnac Potstill Brandy, Primitiv Vodka, Field of Dreams Absinthe and Jorgensen’s Gin.


The Moodie Report
Travel retail and duty free business intelligence.

No introduction needed - just absolute information from around the world on any matter at all.

Global Post

This is a must read world NEWS site run mainly by bloggers.

Knights Fellowship News Blog
The Knight International Journalism Fellowships make tangible changes that improve the quality and free flow of news in the public interest around the world. Funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, international media professionals work in countries where there are opportunities to promote reliable, insightful journalism that holds officials accountable.