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Jameson Select Reserve

Posted by The Whiskey Notebook written by Mark Backhouse

Once small batch grain whiskey and pure pot still whiskey blend - hand picked barrel selection done once a year by the four masters - all made at one single single distillery - produced once a year - makes Jameson Select Reserve a remarkable handcrafted whiskey. Jameson Select Reserve is a "Rich & Luxurious" whiskey you most must try.

Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch Whiskey
(photo property of Mark Backhouse)
Jameson Select Reserve is an exciting addition to the Jameson Range and is an expression that is fuller and richer with a luxurious mouth feel and an incredibly long finish. Every aspect in making Jameson Select Reserve is hand selected and personally managed by the four master distillers at Irish Distillers (the four masters are: of Distillation, of Maturation, of Blending & of Whisky Science)

The first thing you will notice on the label is SMALL BATCH - this refers to the fact that this triple distilled Jameson Select Reserve is made once a year. The small batch grain whiskey is only made once a year because the grain still paused to make the grain whiskey used in Jameson Select Reserve - instead of other grains, Jameson Select Reserve uses barley exclusively in this process.

The masters then take this barley column spirit and blend it with the Jameson pure pot still whiskey also made especially for Jameson Select reserve. They allow the spirit to marry prior to filling into had selected casks set aside by the master of maturation and approved by each of the four masters.

Everything is done to produce an exceptional Jameson whiskey expression. What we have here then is a whiskey that is made at one single distillery - like a single malt - uses only barley - like a single malt - but made like Jameson. What you have then is a great whiskey - this is Jameson Select Reserve.

Jameson Select Reserve is a rare selection of triple distilled small batch 100& barley grain whiskey combined with a high proportion of triple distilled single Irish pure pot still whiskey which has been aged in both ex Oloroso Sherry casks and ex American white oak Bourbon casks

Small Batch verses Black Barrel
In the US it is Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel as apposed to Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch as we have it in South Africa. There is no difference - Black Barrel refers to the fact that Jameson Select Reserve is aged in flame charred ex-bourbon barrels and toasted ex-sherry casks.

Visit: Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

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