Sunday, 6 January 2013

Liquor to follow Apple

If liquor stores are allowed to sell their own house brands, why don't the beverage owners open liquor stores? Why can one have an advantage to feature brands to consumers while the other does not? Johnnie Walker has opened Johnnie Walker House in China.

Apple manages a "symbiotic" relationship with other retailers who stock and sell their brand. The simple reason is that there is a well established demand for Apple products. Apple shops are legendary.

Shop in Amazon for Chivas Regal and you will find it available through liquor retailers who are using Amazon as the extended sales opportunity. It is concerning that you get to liquor products at without needing to verify your age or any warning whatsoever.

That's besides the point. The Amazon territory reminds me of the days when the Grocers in Scotland eventually buy out the distillers. Seems no one in the drinks game is seeing these opportunities allowing entrepreneurs in the liquor retail trade to take advantage. 

There is a great article I read recently that will give you further insight to opportunities and threats facing the big liquor players: Beverage firms can seize control of retail channels - Euromonitor

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