Sunday, 23 December 2012

Top Scotch Whisky Market & My Gripe

France is the largest Scotch whisky market in the world by volume but not by value. The title of the leading Scotch whisky market in the world belongs to the USA, officially the largest Scotch whisky market by value and therefore considered the largest Scotch whisky market in the world. On the basis of judging value rather than volume as the measure of ranking, the true ranking of the largest Scotch whisky countries in the world are interesting.

The US is number one, two France (18% smaller than the US), three Singapore, four Spain and number five is my home country, South Africa, 1/4 the size of the US.

In South Africa, the 5th Largest Scotch whisky market in the world, one American whiskey and one Irish whiskey have gained ground in what was always Scotch whisky country, namely: Jack Daniels, and Jameson Irish whiskey. Two of my favourite Scotch whiskies that are experiencing increasing growth in South Africa include Chivas Regal, and The Glenlivet.

South Africa produces whisky albeit a South African Whisky. 'Three Ships Whisky' has been nominated and awarded at numerous international competitions and the newest whisky launched by the same manufacturer is a grain whisky named 'Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky' - also internationally awarded.

The next ten countries is order of ranking are: Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, UAE, Mexico, Japan, Greece and Australia.

Japan at number 13 has a very healthy and respected whisky history of it's own. Suntory is a Japanese whisky know across the globe and is currently finding traction in the US market. China is the 16th largest Scotch whisky market by value but growing quickly.

India is the 20th largest Scotch whisky market by value, but India have huge locally manufactured Indian whiskies that as single brands sell millions of cases per annum - Royal Stag whisky is a great example. Royal Stag sold 12.4 million cases in 2011 and continues to grow and increase it's 27% market share. Imperial Blue is another such example. Indian Whisky is increasingly available across the African continent.

So here's my gripe!
South Africa is ranked number 5 in the world for Scotch Whisky! We are not shortlisted on any Scotch whisky website country selection shortlist. Countries of much lesser value make the shortlist. We South Africans must scroll down in alphabetical order like the lesser markets. It may seem insignificant but It shows lack of consideration and appreciation. There is no such thing as a healthy one way relationship! Get to grips with my gripe and grapple with your go getters to get this going.

And to those Scotch whisky brand websites that don't feature South Africa at all I suggest a bit of professor Nike - Just Do It!

And my Xmas Cheer!
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  1. It would be interesting to understand the standards that they use to create those shortlists. There must be some sort of explicit criteria driving the selection.


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