Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Jameson Global Party March 2012 - Revisited

After you watch the YouTube clip I have linked in this article (see linked video below), you may appreciate why I have shared it with you.

Jameson consistently engages with creative geniuses.  Delerentos, one of the hottest bands in Ireland played the Jameson Global Party on 17 March 2012. Check out their interview and acoustic performance of "Bullet in a Gun", from their new album, "Little Sparks"below.

South Africa participated in the Jameson Global Party 2012.
Jameson is the coolest whiskey. International celebrities endorse this brand, without reward, for it's coolness and the recognisable quality Jameson delivers at every level.

The linked video does not belong to me and remains the sole property of the owner. I have shared it on my Facebook page, directly off the Jameson official Facebook page, for my friends to view on my Facebook profile. I do the same here to afford the 'Beankeeper' blog viewers the same opportunity.

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