Sunday, 23 December 2012

Passionate Whisky Blogs

Being passionate about what you love is infectious. There are a number of blogs that amaze me because of the absolute love these bloggers have for their whisky. Some have amazing collections, others are very educated in the field, others are writers and others are gifted beyond us mortals.
  1. The blog that most fascinated and inspired me recently is The Buxrud Family from Sweden. I love 'understated' and then being so totally surprised. When you get to this blog, click on the whisky tab. This blog abounds with the vastness of one man's knowledge, books on whisky, a vast whisky collection and Ulf's total passion for Scotch whisky.
  2. My almost first is from a whisky lover in Germany. His blog is Dramming and is your whisky newsletter. Oliver Klimek's blog is truly awesome and often quoted from without being given Oliver due credit. I will prefer you get the news directly from Dramming.
  3. My third choice is a very talented whisky man's blog. Davin de Kergommeaux's blog,  Canadian Whisky is a real eye-opener. Davin is a hidden gem I am sure you will make an effort to get to know him better. He is a talented man.
  4. If you haven't visited Ralfy's blog yet, you are in for a good surprise. Ralfy is one of the busiest bloggers and his contributions are awesome. His YouTube whisky videos are legendary.
  5. My fifth choice is a truly number one for most. The Malt Maniacs are legends and need no introduction. Visit their blog and judge for yourself.
  6. My last choice this year is purely fun. If you want to start a whisky club, these LA boys show the way. Visit their blog: LA Whiskey Society, click on their society link and simply emulate.

Enjoy these wonderful blogs. Leave some comments if you agree or disagree with my observations. I have included these blogs freely and without consent. I will appreciate feedback from my esteemed bloggers if they wish I remove their blogs from my post.

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