Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ralfy's whisky review 329 - whisky of the year 2012

I have listed as a 'beankeeper' favourite blog site. (Please check out the link page for further 'beankeeper' favourites). Visit his blog - you will not be disappointed.

This 'vlog' is Ralfy's final review for 2012 in which Ralfy reveals his whisky of the year. I will not spoil this for you by mentioning it here. I will say that I am happy its one of my top whiskies. Not my absolute favourite Aberlour Single Malt but at least it is also from my favourite Scotch whisky region of Speyside.

Speyside is to Scotch whisky what Cognac is to great brandy.

Please note that Ralfy excludes most whiskies being selected due to his qualifying criteria. Ralfy's selection criteria stipulates that:

  1. the whisky must be from Scotland,
  2. the whisky must be a Scotch Single Malt whisky and
  3. the whisky may not be chill filtered.
These qualifying criteria eliminates 99% of all whiskies. Only a limited numbers of Scotch Single malt whiskies do qualify. Not even Aberlour 10 year old Single Malt makes Ralfy's criteria cut.

Thanks Ralfy for all the reviews of the year. The video remains the property of and can be found on the YouTube website where you may view all other reviews.
The opinion expressed on are not the opinion of 'Beankeeper'.

Congratulations to the winner.

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