Friday, 21 December 2012

The Whiskey Notebook page views

I am extremely pleased with the incredible increase in page views that The Whiskey Notebook received across many parts of the world over recent months. I have not intentionally promoted the blog and have had no real reason why not.

The Whiskey Notebook page view summary:

Africa (40%) mainly from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.
The US (18.4%) is remarkable and I am humbled.
The EU/UK (12.6%) is lead by the UK with Germany a close second and France a distant third. Ireland a very disappointing 1.4%.
Other (29.%) is lead by Russia & Australia in that order.
Amongst other countries The Whiskey Notebook has been visited by friends in Hong Kong, Japan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Spain, The Netherlands and many other countries. I will keep up the post and attempt to keep up a decent blog that is a useful resource to all who love Whiskey or Whisky.

The top three (3) countries, South Africa, United States and United Kingdom, in that order, account for 64.1% of page views. My thanks and appreciation to all visitors. Feel free to join the blog by becoming a member. As a member you will receive notice of updates to The Whiskey Notebook as soon as they happen.

The Whiskey Notebook is a reflection of the passion I have for the business I am in. It is mostly whisky or whiskey but it also is the world of drinks. I intend broadening The Whiskey Notebook to cover the wider world of drinks. The famous Absolut Vodka is my very first dabble out of the pure world of whisky. I am currently working on some material and will publish in the later part of January 2013.

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