Monday, 31 December 2012

The Beankeeper Whisky Blog Of The Year 2012

I have left the best BLOG for last: the “Beankeeper's Whisky Blog Of The Year” is zany and happy and awesome. I only recently discovered this blog but it is so out there and so unexpected – so different – it's magical.

Beankeeper Whisky Blog of the year 2012: Bliss In A BarrelThe line immediately after her title is a quote from Martin Daraz (Brand Ambassador of Highland Park)"Whisk(e)y is a kick in the testicles with a hug at the end." 

Yes you read right - "her . . ." A woman wins the "Beankeeper's Whisky Blog Of The Year 2012".

This blog explodes with intelligence, creativity, raw talent, enthusiasm, innocence and FUN! I am humbled by the absolute pure passion L.T Do has for life and whiskey.

About this Blog as stated on the blog: “How-day! I drink and doodle whisky! : I hope you'll get a chance to try a bunch of whiskies and other spirits, too! Just remember that you don't have to destroy your liver when drinking. Be safe. Have fun.”
Her whisky reviews are brilliant. The picture below is directly from her blog and is the sole property of L.T. Do. All her whisky reviews are like this. Her drawings of the distilleries are legendary. I am now a member of 'Bliss In A Barrel'. I am a fan!

L.T. Do describes her location as ‘Bottom of a Barrel, California. She introduces herself with food, drink, other stuff and friends “After drinking some whisky or cocktails, I love to chow down to Mexican food, especially deep fried tacos. Her interests are: Whisk(e)y, Gin, Amaro Spirits, Mezcal, Cocktails, crafted cocktails, chocolate, mousse cakes, French pastries, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Sewing, Playing Music, hiking, making clothes, being with friends.” Her favourite music: Pink Martini, Radiohead, J.S. Bach and Sergie Rachmaninoff.

Her whisky reviews are brilliant, her distillery write ups beautiful and her liquor companies intro's unreal. Visit to see an example of this brilliant work

Okay so her music choice is obscure but heck I like Indie Rock!

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