Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Age Matters - Royal Salute

The Age Matters - Royal Salute is a must see video about why age matters. Please click the link which will take you to the YouTube channel.

I am fascinated by the honesty of whiskies produced at Chivas Brothers. Almost every expression of the great Whiskies produced by Chivas Brother carries age statements on their labels. We know that whisky develops in character and especially smoothness when it spends more and more years aging in casks. The longer the whisky is aged in the extremes of the Scottish climate the more the aggressive alcohols escape & as the whisky rids itself of these harder alcohols over the many years, the whisky becomes increasingly smooth.

If you want a guarantee of a great Scotch whisky, look out for the age of the whisky stated on the label. This age statement will be the youngest drop of whisky in the bottle. It's no wonder Royal Salute is the best blended Scotch whisky range available in the world today.

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