Sunday, 8 December 2013

Scotch Malt and American whiskey compared - really?

Some statements irritate like flies around a summer fish braai (barbeque). You should swat them or wear an Aussie 'cork-on-string hat' and move on. Mr Jim Murray's recent comments are a collective noun for flies - a grist of flies! So bad is his comment that I cannot resist a response!
"Scotch malt whisky is now being outshone by 'vastly improved' American brands, leading critic says."

See what I mean  - horrible - once you analyze this controversial claim and discover who made the claim it becomes quite obvious that It is a poorly qualified opinion.

The not-so-great 'WHISKY BIBLE' by Jim Murray
My opinion about this statement is that everybody has an opinion except some people write books. I purchased a copy of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible in both hard-copy and iPad App format. Both a waste of time & money if you ask me! This is my opinion. Some consider Jim Murray's whisky bible a good read. Others have discovered authentic whisky writers.

I promised myself never to waste money or time on Jim Murray's books. I exclusively read good whisky books by Charles McLean (pictured right), Michael Jackson, Paul Pacult and others. These men are, and have been, awesome contributors to a fantastic Scotch whisky industry and remain independent.

I am amazed at the very polite response from the Scotch Whisky Association. Rosemary Gallagher, the spokesperson for the Scotch Whisky Association stated: "... This is really about Jim Murray's personal taste." True but the man's looking for a fight.

Mr Jim Murray please defend the following US distilleries trends: white whiskey; 2 year minimum ageing versus Scotch 3 year minimum limit, hot climate & ageing, charcoal filtration etc? We know we have limited knowledge about a field you have mastered so we trust you will remain accurate in your reply. Please refrain from subjective answers.

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