Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Aberlour Puts its Crafted Quality Under the Lens with Ted Dwane’s Photography Exhibition

www.chivas.comMany peoples 'most favourite list' includes music, photography and great whiskies. Imagine discovering a collaboration that includes up-and-coming photographer and bassist for the world-famous band, Mumford & Sons, Ted Dwane and one of the world  major, if not best, Scotch Single Malt whiskies - Aberlour. Wham! You have an early Xmas present.

"The partnership celebrates an appreciation for authenticity, craft and enigmatic quality. The attention to detail required by both the photographer and the master distiller, in their mutual quest for a product of depth and intrigue, culminates in a multi-layered result, whether it be a velvety smooth single malt or a single edition hand-developed printed portrait."

See more at: Chivas Brothers website

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