Monday, 9 March 2009

Aberlour Single Malt Whisky

We all have our soft spots - mine is Aberlour.
Winner of 16 gold medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Aberlour is the jewel of whiskies. The inheritance of carefully-preserved skills, these single malts are made in the distillery of the same name, in the renowned Speyside region, a veritable "golden triangle" for malts in the Highlands of Scotland. Combining excellence and purity, they have a taste of unique complexity, with rich and authentic aromas. Aberlour is 'The Definitive Single Malt Taste'.

Aberlour 10 Year old

Roundness and balance.A well-rounded blend with a spicy finish, Aberlour 10 Year Old is a single malt offering both complexity and a perfect balance. Aged in old oak bourbon or sherry casks, it reveals delicate sherry and honey notes, with hints of mint and toffee.

History has it that well before the Christian era, Celtic Druids from Ireland founded communities in Scotland before emigrating to the East. Druids settled close to a source of very pure spring water. Convinced that the waters were haunted by spirits, they called the place "Aberlour", meaning in Gaelic "the mouth of the chattering burn".

In 1879, James Fleming set up the Aberlour distillery on this legendary site in the eponymous village of Speyside, at the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Today, Aberlour is the 5th largest selling single malt whisky worldwide. Aberlour 10 Year Old Single Malt is available throughout South Africa at liquor stores and all reputable restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels.

Aberlour 10 Year Old Colour: A beautiful amber colour with slight reddish-gold tints.Nose: Malty, smoky notes, typical of Scottish malts. The aromas are dominated by fruit esters: plum, apple and pear characteristic of great Speyside Malts. Palate: Balanced and complex, slightly creamy with soft aromas of sherry, honey and toffee. Finish: Long and warm, with spicy notes.

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