Monday, 14 July 2008

The "bargain" Tops at Spar Whisky Festival.

The "Tops at Spar Whisky & Jazz Festival" was from Thursday 10 July 2008 and Friday 11 July 2008. The Thursday evening started at 6 p.m. sharp and kept "slow". Attendance reached 257 people the first evening. All in all it was a routine kind of evening without the thrill that "busy' gets on a good evening.
Opening ticket sales on the Friday exceeded 300 people. The evening became extremely busy and the hall seemed to small at times. A great evening.
The R75 per head it cost one to gain entry into the hall of whiskies gave one an incredible (and never to be repeated) array of whiskies that one would otherwise never get the opportunity to taste. Of all the whisky festivals in South Africa this was far and away the "best bargain" whisky festival I have ever attended.
Next year I would like to see some changes:
1) A Tops at Spar price-list of the whiskies available at the show.
2) The ability to buy the product on the night.
3) A coupon system for each tot to limit people from over-indulgence
4) A coupon system to reimburse the suppliers for their very expensive stock.

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