Thursday, 11 August 2011

Memories Of A Great Gathering In West Africa

We recently held a conference in Libreville, Gabon with major added benefits.  We hosted several whisky tastings and a whisky dinner. We conducted hours of staff training. All tastings and dinners were well attended and often overcrowded. In our free time we flew, by helicopter, to the equator and took pictures to prove it. I have the picture of our group standing next to the lone red concrete column that marks the exact spot between the two hemispheres. We jumped from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere many times. This raised several shallow remarks and some crude chuckles. We flew to a deserted stretch of land and walked along the beach to spend the rest of the day on a private beach where we conducted whisky tastings and training with staff from the various West African countries. What a setting!

Our lunch was fresh seafood, followed by lazing in the sun on stretch beds and later, some people choose to cool down in the sea. I suppose they were refreshing. The 'now very much more knowledgable' staff conducted tastings back to our group. Some were great, others simply brilliant with an obvious flair for public speaking. We were happy in the knowledge that all participants had learnt everything they needed to conduct tastings in their markets. We had an awesome time together and I will always have great memories of this trip because of the warmth of the people.

We will see results from people who live passionately and love what they do. We wish each and every one of you, our colleagues in West Africa the very best and that this time together will return rewards in your future. It was WOW! Thanks to Jean-Do and Joel for arranging the gathering.

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