Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Jameson Site and Online Shop

The Jameson Whiskey team have done us all a great favour. They have put together a spectacular website exhibiting the art, craft and range of Jameson Irish Whiskey expressions. Go to and discover the site for yourself. I love the simplicity of the layout and the easy to follow information provided.

The site covers: The Drinks, Trends, How It's Made, The People, John Jameson's Story, The Distillery Masters, The Cooper Master, The Whiskey Expressions, The Spirit we Share, Jameson First Shot with Kevin Spacey and the Shop where you may purchase a vast array of products.

I like the fact that I can purchase Jameson clothing, product and gift items online. My favourite thing about the Shop is that I can get my hands on expressions of Jameson previously available only when you purchase it at the distillery. I am just about to place my order for the Jameson genuine leather gents belt as well as my personalised bottle of Jameson Distillery Reserve.

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