Friday, 11 January 2013

Advertise In A New Way

Entertainment is becoming increasingly important to make products more appealing to consumers. Today the channels of communication is vast, including the internet, console games, mobile and the list goes on. The key then is to create lasting and memorable occasions that can be a journey. Not all brands can employ the services of director John Stevenson of Kung Fu Panda fame and Ridley Scott whose string of hit films we do not need to mention. (Visit and for more detailed information and different vantage point)

In the coming month Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac is launching an incredible campaign. I will publish as soon as more detailed material is available.

All this proves that content marketing is becoming a major part of digital advertising especially in entertainment brands such as drinks - our brands have knowledge, style, history and equity that neutral brands do not have. These new creative and story telling ads have the ability to go viral which increases the intensity and devotion our consumers experience with our brands, falling more in love with them.

Remember that consumer are coming to websites for content and to be entertained not simply informed. If you have thousands of views you are doing okay. What you want is millions of views.

The 7 most memorable marketing campaign of 2012
  1. Proctor and gamble: Thank you mom - Click Here for Advert
  2. Samsung Galaxy 3: The next best thing is already here - Click Here for Advert
  3. Rodon Group: Cheaper than China - Created an eBook showing how to bring business back to the US - Click Here for Advert
  4. JetBlue: Election Protection - Click Here for Advert
  5. Red Bull: Stratos Jump - Click Here for Advert
  6. TNT Push to add drama - Click Here for Advert
  7. Invinsible children: Kony (96 million hits) - (30 minutes) Click Here for Advert
Take note that I have linked you to my choice which is normally the shorter version - if you check across all versions viewership for the above reached millions.

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